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Dear Friends –

Zen Cat Bakery is in transition – we are either selling the bakery, or closing the doors in a few weeks. (We are writing this at the end of February 2014.)  We have some ideas baking up about our next step, and it will involve gluten-free.  Our mission has always been to “help those in need of a good dessert that is tasty and gluten-free”, so if you’re interested in keeping up with us after we emerge from our cocoon state, please sign up here for our e-newsletter.  We won’t bombard you, or sell your address, but you will be curious about those O Snap! Triple Ginger Cookies and where to get them! 

We so appreciate your business! 

If you want to be in touch with us, send us an email:
or phone: 336.340.1141

Angie @ Zen Cat Bakery