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Gluten-free Oatmeal Cookies

You can have Celiac disease or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, be allergic to eggs or dairy, choose to avoid wheat, gluten, dairy and animal products in your diet, or “normal”, a.k.a. you simply love a good cookie! Whatever the reason you are learning about Zen Cat Bakery – we welcome you and your questions.

Know that your health is important to us too!

When we can, we select products that are organic and processed minimally. We choose to bake with more healthful sweeteners – organic evaporated cane juice (yes, this is sugar, but less processed than white sugar), dates, agave nectar and maple syrup. We use unsweetened dark cocoa powder and chocolate chips that are very tasty and dairy free. When a recipe calls for dried fruit, its fruit without preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Fruits and fruit juices are organic, which we think are better tasting than conventional. The specialty flours we use are nutritious and certified gluten-free. We use sorghum, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, tapioca flours in our recipes. We do use nuts and seeds – almonds, pecans, walnuts and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) – in some of our desserts and RAW foods.  Zen Cat loves almond and coconut flours and extra-virgin organic coconut oil and uses them in some cookies and frostings, so please avoid these items if you have these types of allergies. Ingredients are not listed, so talk to us about any special requests or restrictions you have.

Some of our most popular cookie flavors, available by the dozen and at locations around town

Choco-Chip - Zen Cat’s version of the classic. 
Rich cookie flavor, great dairy-free chocolate chips.
Oh Snap! Triple Ginger - Fresh, ground and crystallized ginger team up
with organic blackstrap molasses to create magic for ginger-lovers!
Lemon-crème Spice Sandwich Cookie - Two bite cookie that marries the unexpected combination of warm spices like ginger and cardamom with a zesty lemon filling.
Buckwheat Maple Shortbread – Brown Sugar cookie, maple icing,
topped with a pecan.
Fig Cookies - Are you kidding me?  No, this is for real! 
Brand New Brownies – Nuts! or not! This is called “Brand New” because you’ll be changed forever!
Lavender Lemon – Subtle lavender and bright lemon make this cookie
unique and fresh.
Oatmeal Raisin - Brown sugar caramelizes and blends with gluten-free oats and organic raisins for an irresistible cookie.
Ginger Gems – A lighter ginger cookie, chewy and delicate.
Espresso Biscuits – Cocoa and espresso. Some people are addicted. 
These cookies are shape-shifters and we can fill them with a mocha filling that is heaven.
Sunbutters – Sunflower seed butter cookie, sweetened with agave and maple syrup.
Faux-Graham Crackers – Just like you remember, only better. We can do Sugar & Cinnamon on top too!
S’mores – Using Zen Cat’s Faux-Grahams, adding vegan chocolate ganache and a “secret” vegan marshmallow ganache, you have this wonderful campfire treat without the smoke or the gluten!

Sweet Breads/ Muffins
Pumpkin – Organic pumpkin and spices, nice!  By the loaf.
Banana - Agave nectar, bananas, flax seed and a little coconut give lots of flavor. Mini-loaves only.
Scones - Blueberry, Crystal Ginger or Peach (seasonal).
Breads – Call for availability, and more to come!
Loaf Bread
Sandwich Rolls
Walnut Raisin Bread
Pizza crust
Birthday or Occasion
Chocolate Mousse – Decadent chocolate cups or Faux-Graham tarts. (Contains soy)
Grande Cookie – Two pounds of Choco-chip cookie dough baked in a 9 inch round pan and decorated.

Cakes and Cupcakes – Rich Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Red Velvet, Carrot and more. Call for pricing, and decorating options.
And More!
Truffles – Flavors include Chocolate Bliss, Fig & Ginger, Pecan Pie.
Chaat – Indian spice snack (with cashews and pumpkin seeds)
SuperChunk – Superfoods Energy Bar, with Goji Berries or Dried Cherries
RAW Truffles, RAW Carrot Cake Bars, RAW Savory Crackers
Pre-baked Pie Crust – Make your own pie or quiche

Gluten-free Oh Snap Triple GingerGluten-free Lemon Creme
Gluten-free Espresso BiscuitsGluten-free S'mores
Gluten-free Walnut Raisin Bread
Gluten-free Birthday Cakes
Gluten-free bars

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